In 2011 a parent and friend of the school asked if we would like a few grafted fruit trees. We happily said yes. This turned into a heritage orchard and so our Enviro Schools Journey began.
In 2013 we were recognised as a Bronze Enviro School
In 2013 we received a Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award.
In 2015 we were recognised as a Silver Enviro School.

Our Schools Enviro Goals
1. To equip our students with the competencies they need to be leaders in sustainability.
2. To develop skills, understanding, knowledge, and confidence through planning, designing and creating a sustainable school.
Links to Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016:
• Create a sustainable school environment.
• Encourage and create opportunities to learn in the outdoor environment.
• Provide environmental education.
• Include Maori perspectives to enrich learning where appropriate
Links to Annual Plan:
• To continue to implement the Enviro Schools Memorandum of Agreement

Sustainability In Action @ Toko School
Year 5 – 6 Enviro Class
Room 3 will be designated as the school Environmental class. It will be their responsibility to organise and run Environmental initiatives within the school and to ensure that sustainability in action is the way we do things at Toko School. There will be events they will attend ie; environmental awards, visiting Pukeiti (with Enviro cluster), visiting transfer station etc.

Vegetable Garden
The vegetable garden will be the main responsibility of Room 3. There will be seasonal vegetables grown which the children can request can be grown. The vegetables are for the use of all the Toko children and community to use. Children will come up with different ways the vegetables can be used.

All the food waste will be used for composting as well as vegetable matter. We have a food scrap bin in the lunch eating area and staffroom and other compost bins for garden material. The compost is to be used in the orchard and vegetable garden to assist in growth of trees and vegetables. The children will take an active part in the distribution of the compost to enhance their understanding of sustainability.

Worm Farm
The worm farm will be monitored and run by Room 2. They will care for the worms by feeding them and monitoring the temperature for cold. Worm Wee will be taken from the wormery and used in our school garden and sold at the Country Fair/to our community.

Paper Recycling
Room 3 will be responsible for the recycling of paper within the school. This will be done as a class duty every day. Monitors will be responsible for keeping the recycling centre tidy, ensuring paper recycling is carried out correctly, educating others and will inform the principal when the fadge needs to be taken to the town recycling centre.

Recycled Bottle House
This can be used by all classes to grow and carry our experiments. Plants will be grown in the glass house for the school vegetable garden and the school orchard.

Room 4 are responsible for the care, maintenance and feeding of our school chickens.

Lavender Harvesting
Room 2 are responsible for looking after, picking and drying our school lavender. To date we use the lavender to make lavender bags to sell and give as school gifts.

Enviro Bank
This is run by Room 6. All money our classes make from their sustainable projects are banked into the Toko School Enviro Bank. Classes can also make withdraws for environmental related projects.

Heritage Orchard

Each class is responsible for the care and protection of a certain number of fruit trees.  Each class  research’s the variety of fruit tree they are responsible for and provide some key information:  history, growing conditions, how to look after, what the fruit is best suited for e.g. cooking, eating , time to harvest etc .  By the time our children leave Toko School they will have cared for all the trees in our schools orchard.

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