NZ Speech Board Exams

Speech New Zealand runs the Speech board programme in New Zealand. The main aim of Speech board is to develop versatility in the use of language, oral presentation and performance skills in young people.

At Toko School all children from Year 3 – 8 participate in the New Zealand Speech Board Examinations.

Through Speech board students learn to:

*express themselves with clarity, confidence and courtesy in personal, social, work related and public situations

*listen with discernment and courtesy

*develop a varied vocabulary to express their thoughts with confidence and imagination

*develop speech that is readily understandable and appropriate to the situation.



In Year 3 & 4 children are required to complete the following sections.

Year 3-Introductory Level (White Badge)

*Present a simple show and tell talk 2-3mins

*Group verse

Year 4-Advanced Introductory Level (White Bar)

*Personal experience talk

*Group verse


In Year 5 & 6 children are required to complete the following sections.

Year 5-Elementary Level (Green Badge)

*Explain an activity or experience

*Group verse

*Read and discuss a favourite book

Year 6-Advanced Elementary Level (Green Bar)

*Informative Talk

*Read poem

*Read passage


In Year 7 & 8 children are required to complete the following sections.

Year 7 –Junior Level (Yellow Badge)

*Informative Talk

*Group Drama/Reading

*Reading Passage

*Telephone conversation

Year 8-Advanced Junior Level (Yellow Bar)

*Informative Talk

*Group Drama/Reading

*Reading Passage

*Impromptu Social Speech e.g., welcomes thank you or announcement


Important Information

*All teachers  send home the individual criteria for each student. The highlighted parts are what is required of your student.

*All show and tell, personal experience and informative talks cannot be memorised or read off cue cards

*For the talks a poster, photos or props may be used as a prompt and these are created at school in the classroom. School will supply required materials

*All group verse reading and drama are set up and practised at school prior to the assessment day. Classroom teacher will supply appropriate text.


For the personal and informative talks each child will need 4-6 photos and or a few props depending on their years. Photos can be sent to school as a hardcopy or emailed to the classroom teacher.

How you can help at home:

The biggest help and assistance you can provide your child with in preparation for the assessment day is continual practise and providing an audience for them to talk too.  The talks are not to be

memorised and it doesn’t matter if what they say changes when they practice.

Please practise at home:

*All personal and informative talks

* Support with practice of all areas (Teachers will supply group/poetry and resources)

* Support in supplying information for the personal experience talks