History of Toko School

Our School is a well-established full primary school with five classrooms, library and school hall (built by the community in 1953). During 1992 the school completed a planned E.D.I. (Education Development Initiative) with neighbouring Huinga School. This was a first in New Zealand and was largely funded by the Ministry of Education

It involved a major upgrade of the administration area to include a school and Principal’s office, enlarging the staffroom, along with the relocation of four buildings (junior classroom block, hall, A/V room) to cope with the school growth when the 20 children from Huinga School joined the Toko School community. In 2006 children from neighbouring Douglas School came to Toko School. In 2007 children from neighbouring Matau School joined Toko School.

The school is very well established, celebrating its centennial during 1993. It is set in most attractive grounds providing recreational and sporting facilities for families in the community both during the school week and during weekends.

Toko School has been noted for the academic, sporting and musical achievements of its pupils over a large number of years and our goal is to ensure that all pupils achieve to their full potential.

The Library was upgraded in 1999. Originally it was the old Post Office in Toko Village. In 2000 the school went through a substantial property upgrade of the hard court and parking area. We have a lovely environment and work hard to keep it that way! In 2009 a large safe bus turnaround was developed.