2022 Toko Student Leaders

2022 Toko School Student Leaders

At Toko  School we are working really hard to develop leaders within and across our school.
Personal qualities for our Toko School Leaders include:

  • Displaying what it means to be a Toko Learning Star.
  • Showing respect, responsibility and making the right choices.
  • Working hard to be the best you can be.

We have had a shake up to the system (previously the Student Council) and now have one big team that helps with all the different leadership tasks – from sports activities to fundraising events to supporting House groups. This makes organisation and coordination much easier and means leaders get to experience a range of leadership opportunities across the school.

This group is known as the Student Leadership Team.

Chairpeople of the Student Leadership Team


Members of the Student Leadership Team


Teachers mentoring the Student Leadership Team

Mrs Hancock and Mrs Fuller