Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Toko School. Our meetings are held at school and are usually on a Tuesday night with a 7pm start.  These are public meetings and parents from our school community are more than welcome to attend. Please check the community calendar or call in at the office to confirm the time and date.  At the meetings only Board members are allowed speaking and voting rights. Chat to one of our Board members or call in to the office if you would like to attend a meeting or find out more.

Katherine Sextus

Trish Turner

Julie Roberts (grounds)
Steven Harvey (buildings)
Grant Robinson (school house)

Julie Roberts

Staff Representative
Sasha Hancock

Board Secretary
Annette Hinton


2021 Board Minutes

Minutes of previous years meetings are available by request at the office.

2021 Meeting 1: 23 February

2021 Meeting 2: 30 March

2021 Meeting 3: 25 May

Strategic Plan, Charter and Annual Plan

2022 Strategic Plan

Outcome and Analysis TokoSchool_Annual Plan 2021

Toko School Annual School Improvement Plan 2022

2020 Toko School Audited Financial Statements

Toko School Policies & Procedures

NAG 1 Curriculum Policy with procedures 

NAG 2 Self Review Policy with procedure

NELP Objective 3 – Quality Teaching & Learning

Nag 4Finance&PropertyPolicywithprocedures

NAG 5 Health Safety Policy with procedures

6 Legislation Policy with procedures

Covid 19 Traffic Light System_ April 26 2022

School Review

As part of our schools self review process we surveyed our school community in Term 3 of 2021.

We consider the review process to be a valuable part of our continuing growth and certainly in line with our Vision Statement “Quality learning for all in a caring community.”

The focus of our review is “the child.”   We value the opinion of our parents.   It is important for us to know the areas where we are performing well and also the areas that we need to sharpen up in.   With an eye to the future we were also interested in knowing of any innovations that our parent body would like us to develop.

General Questionnaire Summary 2021