Maths Links

The New Zealand Math’s Website has a section for families. Below is the link with ideas about how you can help your child at home. If you are not sure what stage your child is working out in Numeracy please ask your child’s teacher.NZ Maths Website

Our parents often ask what else they can be doing to assist their children with Maths.  We have found this great website just for parents:  BEDTIME MATHS  If you subscribe you will get a daily problem to solve with your children and there is also an APP you can download onto your device.

Multiplication Strategies

Learning  your basic facts can be tricky.  All of our students process the concept of multiplication differently, and therefore will build their fluency and understanding at different rates.  Below is a helpful sheet to assist you with helping your children at home.  Learning by rote does not assist our children in developing their number sense.  The strategies in this sheet are really useful.  Give it a go with your children.  We would love to hear how you get on!!!

MULTIPLICATION STRATEGIES – Helpful Tips for parents!!