In order for your child to meet the Reading and Writing demands of the New Zealand Curriculum we have provided some information that may assist you to help your child at home . . . .


Below we have included our schools essential spelling lists.  It is expected that by the end of Year 6 children will be able to spell all of these words in their writing.

Toko School Essential Words for Spelling and Writing

Alphabet  / Blends

Below we have included an Alphabet / Blend Key Ring that you could make for your child.  Just print off, laminate, cut up and attach to a key ring.  You can then use these resources: to help your child learn the alphabet letters and their sounds e.g. a is for apple aaa, b is for butterfly bbb. to help your child learn the sounds of each blend. We hope you have fun learning together.

Blends Chart

Hand Writing

In primary schools, the aim of teaching handwriting is to teach each child to write legibly, fluently, without strain, and with sufficient speed for all practical purposes. The main stages in teaching handwriting at primary school generally are:

  • Teaching grip, letter shapes and movements,
  • Increasing speed and endurance without loss of quality.
Two important elements of handwriting when children start school is movement and shape.  “It is not the shapes of letters which is of first importance when teaching handwriting.  The prime lesson to be learnt is the way in which the pencil should be moved to form the letters.  Below is a link to our Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Porgramme.
Each letter in the English alphabet can be simplified into a few basic shapes. These shapes have been named by Barbara Brann as Casey Shapes. In this video I combine these shapes in order to form the letters of the alphabet.


Writing Family of Eight
This is  copy of the Family of Eight that we use to analyse and assess student writing.  These writing targets  will give you an indication of the sorts of learning that will be occurring for your child, in writing, as they progress through their schooling.


Reading targets
 Below we have included some reading targets.  These reading targets will give you an indication of the sorts of learning that will be occurring for your child, in reading, as they progress through their schooling.
Epic is an online digital library for students.  They have their own login and it keeps track of their progress.  There are over 350000 books and your child can choose to either read the story themselves, or have it read to them.  Your teacher will provide you with the class code, or it will be emailed to you.
Wushka is a cloud-based digital reading program accessible from all common browsers and devices.  Some of our classes use this platform. Children will need to use their login to access this site.