Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Our Schools Vision: To develop 21st century learners who can connect to their community and their world using modern technologies.

At Toko School we allow students form Year 4 – 8 to bring a device to school.


Our school has been working towards this over the last couple of years.  We now have a robust wireless system which can cater for multiple devices at the same time and we have most recently connected to Ultrafast Broadband.

BYOD and mobile technologies have the potential to expand and enhance interaction in the classroom, enable more real-world activities, improve learning environments, and engage students in new and exciting ways.

Our schools Strategic Plan states that:

  • Children will accept responsibility for their own education and become self directed learners.
  • Children will leave Toko School with a strength in the use and application of Information Communication Technologies
  • We will continue to investigate emerging technologies and their potential to enhance learning.

BYOD and mobile technologies can enable a connected approach to learning, placing control and agency over learning in the hands of learners so that access to the curriculum is ubiquitous and no longer constrained by the time and place.

We believe that these personally owned devices should be allowed into the schools as a way to enhance the educational experience.

For more information about this please contact the school.

Below is a list of APPS that we require to be downloaded onto your child’s device.

App List BYOD