Learning Links

This page was created to support our school community with Home Learning During Lock Down in 2020.

Toko School Site

We have created a school site for families.  This site will provide you with quick access to websites that your children use as part of their learning at our school.


Weekly Communication

On Monday of each week (or the first day of the working week) we will post a school newsletter.  This will be sent by 9.00am each week.  To begin on the 20th April.  This weekly newsletter will keep you up to date with information from the Principal and Board of Trustees.

Teachers will also send a weekly communication out every Monday (or the first day of the working week).  This communication, from your child”s classroom teacher will share with you/your child the learning tasks teachers have created in Reading, Writing and Mathematics for that week.

Other learning challenges will be communicated via the weekly school newsletter.

During this time we are mindful that many parents will also be working from home and that many children will be doing other learning at home.  This may be taking on extra tasks around the home or helping out with daily farming tasks.  Every home is unique and we understand that there may be competing demands that may mean your children can’t always engage in the learning tasks set, on a daily basis.  This is why we will be setting weekly tasks.  At a minimum we would encourage your child to complete the Reading, Writing and Mathematics tasks.  If this is not always manageable please keep the lines of communication up with your child’s classroom teacher.  We are here to help and work in partnership with you to support your children.

Daily Communication

Our teachers will be available each work day from 10.00 – 11.00am to communicate with parents/children with regards to home learning.  Teachers can be contacted via seesaw or via the teachers email.  Emails can found on our website – Our Community – Toko School Staff 

Last week we indicated that all classes would be video conferencing the week of the 20th April. We have decided that next week only Rooms 3, 5 and 6 will do this. If the lock down is extended then we will introduce to Rooms 1, 2 and 4 the week of the 28th April.


We have decided to use zoom as the platform for video calling the children in our classes.

Your child’s classroom teacher will send a link to the zoom call via seesaw. This is a private link.

All you will need to do is click on the link just before the meeting starts. The teacher will see that your child is waiting and will let them enter the meeting.

Here is a short 3 minute video about zoom etiquette you may want to watch with your child before they begin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urRBuzH-bRc

Zoom Meetings: 10.00 am

Room 5 – Tuesday 21st April

Room 6 – Wednesday 22nd April

Room 3 – Thursday 23rd April

Please bear in mind that this is new learning for our teachers. We may experience technical difficulties and some of you may have difficulty connecting. Let’s have a bit of fun and see how we get on.

Below is a Digital Challenge that we would like everyone in Rooms 3, 5 and 6 to read and take part in before the first zoom meeting with your classroom teacher.

This is a whole new experience for all of us and we don’t want it to be overwhelming for anyone. So please remember that wellbeing comes first, then learning.

Exta Home Learning Options


Please go to our school website – Learning Links – Mathematics to find out about weekly home learning tasks in mathematics.


Please go to our school website – Learning Links – English to find out about weekly home learning tasks in mathematics.


  • LEARNING STAR & HAUORA/WELLBEING CHALLENGE – each week on a Monday we will also be posting a Whanau/Family challenges related to Hauora/Wellbeing and our Toko School Learning Stars.  These challenges can be completed as a family or individually. These are not MUST DO’s but are a collection of activities that can be completed at home that reflect our school values.  Children can post a photo, video, audio or a comment onto their seesaw page. Each time children complete and post an activity this will count as one learning star that they will receive when we return back to school. This will be posted here and via our school newsletter.


Be connected to others


  • HEALTH & PE – Sport Taranaki have created a website – ACTIVE ANYWHERE.

    Sport Taranaki has launched a new online resource to help people have fun and keep active while vanquishing the virus.

    Called Active Anywhere, the webpages feature links, tools and routines collected from around the country and the world.  There is everything from kids’ yoga to sports specific training, community bootcamps, routines for functional movement and active options for older people.

    Everything on Active Anywhere will keep people safe in their bubbles.

    A page featuring the latest official physical activity advice is another handy tool. The pages are being added to regularly to keep things fresh and broaden the range of resources.


  • MINISTRY OF EDUCATION – The Ministry of Education are adding to their bank of online resource links so do try some of these.