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5 Computer Security Tips

Click on the images below for further information put together by NetSafe and the Governments National Cyber Policy Office.


Golden Rules For family Internet usage

  1. Keep personal information confidential. For example don't give out your name, age, or phone number.
  2. Get to know the services and websites that your child uses.
  3. Don't believe everything you read or see online.
  4. Encourage children to tell you about anything they find that is suggestive, obscene, threatening or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  5. Don't immediately blame the child if they receive or access something obscene - this may have been done accidentally.
  6. Use the Internet as a family activity and if possible, keep the computer in a family room rather than in a child's bedroom.
  7. Try to get to know your child's online friends as you would their other friends.
  8. Try not to use the PC or the Internet as an electronic babysitter.
  9. Set your own golden rules and after discussing them, stick them at the side of the computer.
  10. Enjoy surfing!

Learning and Teaching Scotland Archive

Hectors World is an online resource that we use at Toko School to teach cybersafety.  Follow the link below to see how you can get involved in cybersafety at home:   http://hectorsworld.netsafe.org.nz/teachers/working-with-parents/

The Board of Toko School places a high priority on providing the school with Internet facilities and ICT devices/equipment which will benefit student learning outcomes and the effective operation of our school.  In the resource section is our Cybersafety Awareness Pack that families receive on enrolment.

Social Networking
Safe Social Networking
Cybersafety Awareness Pack
Cybersafety Awareness Pack