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At Toko  School we are working really hard to develop leaders within and across our school.  Personal qualities required include:
  • Displaying what it means to be a Toko Learning Star.
  • Showing respect, responsibility and making the right choices.
  • Working hard to be the best you can be.
2014 Councillors:
Chairperson:  Gaby                                 
Vice Chairperson:  Shaan                
Treasurer:  Jazmine                                               
Secretary:  Conor                                                       
Members:  Abbie, Heidi
Teacher in Charge:  Mrs Hancock   

First we asked everyone
 to come dressed in black
 to support the All Blacks.
We made up a chant and videoed
it and then sent it to the Stratford
 Business Association  as part of their All Blacks competition.

Our video was so good that we won the
competition!! The prize was that two All
Blacks would come and visit us at school and give us some prizes. But due to badweather the prize was changed at the last
minute and we were asked if we would 
like to attend the Captain's Run instead!!
Thankfully our Principal is the best and 
she managed to organise it so the whole
school and 40 parents could go to New 
Plymouth. What a treat!!! Here are some 
of the pictures we took. 


  On Friday 31st August we had a daffodil day fundraiser. We dressed in yellow and gave a gold coin donation. We raised $140.20 for the Cancer Society. It was a great day. We all had fun and it was great to see all the support from Toko School.  

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