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 Our Board of Trustees members are:
 Chairperson:       Keith Mitchell
 Secretary Megan Frandi
 Treasurer:      Fiona Jones 
 Property:      Brendan Attrill
 Leon Eagar
 Committee:    Vaughan Jones
 Staff Representative:  Megan Brooks
 Board Secretary:   Annette Hinton

Parents from our school community are more than welcome to attend our Board of Trustees meetings to find our about the workings of the Board.  These are public meetings.  At the meetings only Board members are allowed speaking and voting rights. Chat to one of our Board members or call in to the office if you would like to attend a meeting or find out more.  All meetings start at 7.30 and a usually on a Tuesday night.  A list of dates for each year are posted in Helpful Information on the right hand side of this page.

Helpful Information about the BOT
Review Cycle 20013-16
Strategic Plan
Charter 2014
strategy plan 2014
annualplan2013Outcome and Anaylsis
2015 Meetingstoko
Policy & Procedure Documents
NAG 2 Self Review Policy
Nag 4 Finance&PropertyPolicy
NAG 5 Health Safety Policy with procedures
Nag 3 Personnel Policy with procedures
NAG 1 Curriculum Policy with procedures
Nag 6 Legislation Policy with procedures