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Helping your child at home . . . .
In our resource section we have included our schools essential spelling lists.
Alphabet  / Blends
In our resources section we have included an Alphabet / Blend Key Ring that you could make for your child.  Just print off, laminate, cut up and attach to a key ring.  You can then use these resources:
to help your child learn the alphabet letters and their sounds e.g. a is for apple aaa, b is for butterfly bbb. 
to help your child learn the sounds of each blend.
We hope you have fun learning together.
Basic Sight Words
In our resource section we have included basic sight words that children should be learning in their first 3 years at school.  They are learnt in the following order:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, light blue, purple, gold.  Just print off, laminate, cut up and attach to a key ring.  You can use this resource to assist your child to recall basic sight words quickly.  Talk to your child's classroom teacher about which colour they should be learning. 
Hand Writing
In primary schools, the aim of teaching handwriting is to teach each child to write legibly, fluently, without strain, and with sufficient speed for all practical purposes.
The main stages in teaching handwriting at primary school generally are:
  • Teaching grip, letter shapes and movements,
  • Teaching ligatures
  • Increasing speed and endurance without loss of quality.
Two important elements of handwriting when children start school is movement and shape.  "It is not the shapes of letters which is of first importance when teaching handwriting.  The prime lesson to be learnt is the way in which the pencil should be moved to form the letters.  In our resource section we have included an overview of how to correctly form lower and uppercase letters."
Writing Progressions
In our resource section we have included our schools writing progressions.  These writing progressions are glued into your child's writing books and are used as a reference point for student and teacher monitoring over the year.  Teachers will share these progressions and where your child is at, at student/parent/teacher learning journey conferences.

Toko School Essential Words for Spelling and Writing
Alphabet Key Ring
Basic Sight Words
Red Sight Words
Yellow Sight Words
Blue Sight Words
Green Sight Words
Orange a Sight Words
Orange b Sight Words
Light Blue Sight Words
Purple Sight Words
Gold Sight Words
Letter Formation
Holding a Pencil
Writing Progressions
Level 1i
Level 1ii
Level 1iii
Level 2A
Level 2B
Level 2P
Level 3
Level 4
Level Emergent